The non-profit association Europeans, z.s. is a legal person founded according the Czech Civil Code. All staff work on voluntary basis.

Characteristics of the association

Europeans, z.s. is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit alliance of citizens representing proponents of cooperation in the field of education, culture and active citizenship with the aim of active development, promotion and providing of charitable work in the bellow mentioned fields.

Main purposes of the association are:
a) education,
b) cultural activities,
c) active citizenship,
d) charitable non-profit work

The association council has Erasmus+ experienced members and many English speaking coworkers in the Czech Republic. It has been building a net of Czech, European and Turkish cooperating institutions with similar aims.

Our organization has highly motivated supporters and cooperating professionals within important institutions like the University hospital in Pilsen or SZŠ a VOŠZ Plzeň, Karlovarská 99 (Secondary medical school and medical upper-secondary) in Plzeň, etc.. Europeans, z.s. has been building a growing net of cooperating institutions and cooperating partner organizations collaborating especially within an extensive dissemination of its non-profit activities

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